Speaking of Breakfast… Pancakes

For whatever reason (probably something to do with ice-cream for breakfast) my kids would go absolutely batshit for pancakes.  Not the French crêpe delicate sort, but the fat and fluffy Australian piklete sort. I remember making this in kindergarden, so I thought it would be a good thing to do with the kids. They’re suuuuper easy to whip up. But being in France, where for the life of me I couldn’t find self-raising flour, some substitutions were made. The easiest solution is two teaspoons of baking powder for every cup of plain flour, sift together and voilà, self raising flour.


Butter (knob)

1 egg

1 cup flour (self raising, or the plain + 1 tsp baking powder)

1/2 cup milk

1 tbs sugar

Note: you can be quite slap-dash with the measurements (or at least I am). I like a thicker, cake-batter type consistency, but if you like yours thinner, or more crêpe-y, add more milk.


Melt butter in a frying pan on medium heat.

Combine all ingredients, and beat together until there’s no lumps.

Using something to ensure even type distribution (I used an espresso cup, but ice-cream scoop etc would work – whatever is on hand), dollop the mixture into the fry pan.

When bubbles appear in the surface of the pancake, it’s time to flip. Brown the other side. Each side should only take a minute or two (depending on batter thickness/size).

Keep going until you finish your batter. If you’re worried about keeping them warm, stacking them on a warm plate, or putting your already made ones in a very low oven will keep them nice and warm without drying them out.**This can earn you massive brownie points. Making a batch quickly and popping them in the oven, clean up and then when everyone is sleepily meandering to the table looking for coffee, whip them out, and enjoy your slightly smug but well earned ta-da! moment. (I got up early to do this for the family one morning – didn’t realise the clocks had been switched back an hour. So just when I thought I was under control nice and early, I see the little lad wander into the kitchen, and I was left in a complete flap. No ta-da moment there, but I knew for next time).

Serve with berry coulis, jam, cream, ice-cream, nutella, whatever you like. And in traditional Aussie fashion, eat them cold with butter (they make a good school snack like that).

I had already started scoffing these by the time I remembered to take a photo -sorry!
I had already started scoffing these by the time I remembered to take a photo -sorry!

Voilà, suuuuper easy pancakes.


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