Hedonism is Delicious (AKA Galentine’s Day)

Despite being single there’s no way I’m going to miss an opportunity to make a romantic dinner and drink bubbly. So luckily, I have a darling friend that’s willing to indulge me and celebrate Galentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day with your gal friends). She bought a Magnum of champers over, also known as the best idea ever, and I made dinner: Caviar and Cream Pasta. The pasta is delicious, pretty simple to make but perfect if you’re looking to impress or pamper. We spent the night eating, drinking and chatting – it was all wonderfully hedonistic and quickly devolved into us singing Madonna’s 80s hits on the couch. I highly recommend it.


Shallots (about six)

Garlic cloves (two big ones)

Cream 200 ml




Pasta (spaghetti or linguine)


Over a medium-low heat, sauté shallots and crushed garlic in a pan with a knob of butter.

Once soft and translucent, add a good, hearty splosh of champagne (a couple of glugs), and allow that to so reduce slightly – ideally while you have a glass of bubbly and a chat.

Cook the pasta, and when draining reserve about a cup of the pasta water.

Pour in a pot of cream to the sauce and stir through. Add a splash of water reserved from the pasta, and stir through.

When pasta is ready, stir through about a tablespoon (heaped) of caviar, then combine to pasta and the sauce together and mix to distribute the sauce.

Serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan and a final dollop of caviar on top, and enjoy with another glass of bubbles, and Madonna’s ‘True Blue’. Goes well with a crusty baguette – but doesn’t everything?


*Technically it’s German bubbly, not official Champagne. But shhh.

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