Eat your heart out

Ok not my picture, but it is amazing

Food is the way I show affection. I’m a firm believer that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I’ll be damned if that’s not true for any person regardless of their genitals. Granted, perhaps this is because being basically poor as hell I’m unable to buy people I like diamonds and Maserati’s, but that aside I feel like food is just the most honest way to show you care. I mean if “Here, put this in your face,” isn’t love don’t know what is. Or at least that’s how I do it.

If you’re sad I’ll make you pies with your name on them. If you’re sick I’ll make you magic chicken soup. If you’ve just come home from weeks abroad with bacon and you don’t like cake I’ll make you a cheese platter and onion tart. I think that’s why my favourite recipes come from people’s homes and families. Because you know there’s love in the recipe as it’s been served and tested through generations – like my Nan’s Yorkshire puddings. But now, my parents are coming to visit. My parents are awesome, they are my strongest supporters and biggest fans and I freaking adore them even if they blackmail me into watching strange musicals from the 1960s. They are travelling a billion miles and want feeding. But what the hell sort of meal do you serve up for people that important to you? Unicorn Steak? I can’t even find peaches. I know they’d basically be happy with a can of Tango and packet of crisps, but wish me better luck than that.

Yankee Scones

In the meanwhile I’m trying my hand at an American Dinner. But being British/Australian and woefully under-qualified I’ve recruited a proper American and Official Representative for the Country(ish) to help me with the translations, like why Banana Pudding wafers aren’t wafers and what the hell is crisco. I have a lot to learn. But Marge has given me her grandmother’s Peach Cobbler recipe and I hear it’s a winner. Thanks Maaarge. She also taste-tested my American Biscuits, or as I’m calling them, Yankee Scones (because stubbornness). Apparently they taste authentic, and with her accent I trust her judgment. Find the recipe for my Chive and Parmesan Yankee Scones here.

Thanks guys, wish me luck!

(Also if anyone has any secrets on making great mac & cheese, fried chicken and cornbread hit me up! After all, I don’t want to be the culinary equivalent of Iggy Azalea).

Oh also I’ve had a couple of you get in touch here and on Instagram when you’ve tried the recipes! Love that! Thanks so much! If you want to be insta-bros add me @KateDowntheRabbitHole (though lower your expectations, it’s mostly pics of coffee, books and the odd video of my awkward dancing to Taylor Swift).




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