Sauce Verde

corriander 1

This is my darling friend’s Sauce Verde recipe. For the life of my I don’t know why he doesn’t call it pesto, but he’s adamant, so here we go. He made it with flat leaf parsley and it was delicious, but when I went shopping there were these big, glorious bunches of coriander that I couldn’t go past and frankly it’s great with either. With the raw garlic, I wouldn’t recommend going snogging immediately after eating it, but it’s so good who cares. We sat on the balcony in the sunshine plucking the leaves from the stems and drinking wine and I’ve got to say the whole thing made me ridiculously happy. The best thing about it is how lazy and easy it is – just throw everything in together, blitz and add a dash more of this or that to suit your taste and voilà. As with most things in life, if you’re at a loss just add more cheese.



2 big bunches of coriander (or parsley)

2 cloves garlic

2 lemons (1 to start, then adjust to taste)

Parmesan cheese

Olive Oil

Sundried tomatoes

Pasta to serve


Wash and pluck the leaves from the stems, ideally in the sun, with an old friend, while drinking wine.

Throw in two cloves of garlic (peeled, no need to bother with chopping), the grated rind and juice of one lemon, a hearty shake or Parmesan cheese, about 6 or 7 sundried tomato pieces and a good few glugs of olive oil.

Blitz together and taste, tweaking to suit yourself.

Serve over pasta.

Suuuper simple. Also it keeps really well so make a load of it and jar it up to keep, or to give as a cute little homemade gift. Nom nom nom.

sauce verde 1

Nom nom nom
Nom nom nom

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