Guess Who’s a Birthday Girl

Rose Cake and Peonies (loooooooove)

I freaking adore birthdays and yesterday was mine. I used to get super angsty around it (“What am I doing with my life? What’s important? Why don’t my jeans fit? blah blah.”), which was part of the motivation for my moving to France to be an au pair in time to celebrate this wonderful occasion. That was a year ago and yesterday I had the best birthday ever. Turns out accidentally moving countries, surviving winter and engaging in a thrilling romance with food dampens that whole existential-crisis side of things. And having a few absolutely wonderful people around you helps too.

My friends asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I had some pretty demanding requests.

  1. Eat my favourite cake in pajamas while wearing a crown and drinking bubbly
  2. Lunch I can eat with my hands
  3. Opera (something on my bucket list).

And without batting an eye or even implying I should be sectioned, these lovely people had me eating cake in a crown (whatup Burger King) and pyjamas, drinking bubbles and going to the Opera with a belly full of nachos. We saw Tosca, which is basically the Operatic version of a Taylor Swift album and I freaking loved it. And them.


My favourite cake is Rose Cake, I mentioned it when I was interviewed for Eat Drink Travel, and eaten along side a glass of rosé bubbly it’s just the best thing ever. I bought my favourite flowers (pink peonies) to put by my bed, and was accused of being somewhat ridiculously floral for someone who wears practically all black always. Rose Cake is just silly simple. Smack together a basic sponge; I used the base of my Lazy Blueberry Bread recipe. Forget the berries and add a sprinkle of vanilla sugar and a hearty splash of rose water and ta-da, my favourite cake is baking while I’m licking rose batter off a wooden spoon. Combine rosewater with icing sugar, drizzle on top and lick that spoon too.

I had a brilliant day, and come to think of it, it’s been a brilliant year. I saw more than I ever thought I would, overcome things I never imagined facing and have found some really lovely friends and family around me.

I am a lucky, lucky girl. With a crown.



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