Hello Canada

Weirdly, there's nothing in the lake that can kill you.
Weirdly, there’s nothing in the lake that can kill you.

Somewhat by surprise, I have moved to Canada for the summer. I’m running the dining hall of a summer camp way out in the Canadian woods, as you do. It could not be more different than how I was living in Germany, but Momma always said experience is the best education – so wish me luck. I’m learning to be outdoorsy, which is a huge feat for someone who quite likes wine, blankets and netflicks but I’ve bought a plaid shirt so that’s a start.

I’ll be spending a lot of time doing things like kayaking, trying to understand Canadian and avoiding bears, and I’ve already made friends with the awesome baker from Quebec, who has some really lovely recipes for me to learn. Look forward to some Canadian meals and something called a “s’more” which really sounds like a dessert smashed together by a mad man in a sugar factory. Also, chipmunks and little fluffy rabbits just hang out here, so I feel like a disney princess.

This is a plaid shirt and wellington boots is basically what it feels like here.




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