Oh, Italy


So after Canada I was lucky enough to go on holiday with my parents in Italy. A place which has now become my absolute favourite country (so far). I can’t decide if it’s the weather, the food or the people but Italy was just the kindest, warmest and most beautiful place and I hope to go back and improve my scruffy Italian soon.

There was so much I loved about it: art, architecture, food, wine and good company (that’s you, Momma and Padre). Rome is filled with fresh water fountains built by the Roman Empire that you could just wander up to and fill your bottle. Which is astounding (and delicious) when you think you’re using the same aqueduct systems built in 500 AD. Wine and food is beyond incredible, and the people are so lovely I was nearly married off to a charming family running a beautiful trattoria. (Sorry Francesco). And the amount of sass in the Vatican is ridiculous and hilarious.

The amount I learnt about food in those two weeks is incredible. Italian food seems to have the philosophy that quality, simplicity and flavour are the foundation on which a good meal is built. And there wasn’t a corn dog in sight. I was completely spoiled for seafood (we were on the seaside in the South) and Amalfi Gamberoni might be just the best damn thing I’ve ever damn eaten. I’m now obsessed with putting what I learnt into practice – so look forward to a bunch of homemade Italian recipes.

Here’s some photos from the fun, but there’s more on my instagram: @KateDowntheRabbitHole xxxx


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5 thoughts on “Oh, Italy

      1. Yeah there is certainly a longer history in Europe for sure. If you ever get a chance, see Bolzano in the North. My girlfriend is from there and the food is quite unique! I post an article on one of my trips there after I’m done jotting down mites from my adventures in Northern Norway. Thanks for the reply 🙂 – S

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