The Paris Thing

So my blog has been a little quiet recently, but there’s a really good reason for it. After about five years of having it as a goal (twenty years of daydreaming about it), and getting lost in Germany, Canada, Italy and Prague on the way – I moved to Paris.Β 13233467_10201779483524836_1043328367_n.jpg

I arrived for New Years Eve with a friend of mine under the guise of translator (turns out he greatly overestimated his knowledge of French, but did know the metro), it was grey and wintery and cold as hell, but it was Paris and I am so damn lucky. We’re just heading into Spring now (and Frank Sinatra is singing my theme tune), I’m studying French, I’ve made some friends who are amazing and managed to go to some writing groups at Shakespear and Co (bucket list), and am now dreaming about enrolling in pastry school for the New Year. I’m so grateful to everyone who helped (hello Parents, and all my friends who let me live on their couches). Croissants for Everyone!


The Best Advice


I’ve got a new instagram for all my life and travel pictures @KateDownTheRabbitHole, come say hi!



8 thoughts on “The Paris Thing

  1. NIce post to read. Follow your dreams because you can do what you are doing when you are young. I love Paris and visit regularly thanks to my better half, who was born and raised and Paris and spent his summers in St. Trop. I oftentimes write about our adventures throughout France and you are lucky to be living there. Best of luck to you!

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