Spiced Wine Poached Pears


I was introduced to making poached pears for my girlfriend’s birthday. Turns out she’s partial to a poached pear and chocolate tart, and I’m partial to demanding I be the one to make all my friends’ birthday desserts. I sent some photos through to my Nan as well, she said it’s something she’s loved for a long time so it will have to be on the menu next time I see her. This recipe is absurdly easy, it’s basically cooking pears in mulled wine. If you’re interested, it’s rather low fat; unless, like me, you want to enjoy it properly with lots of cream of ice cream. Delicious. I used Concorde Pears, but as long as they’re firm, and not bruised, they’ll work.


Four Pears (ripe, but still quite firm)

1/2 bottle Red wine


1 Orange

3 Tablespoons Sugar

1 Cinnamon quill

2 Cloves


Wash and peel your pears and arrange in a saucepan. Depending on your many you’re doing you can half them standing up or laying on their side. Though on their sides you will need to rotate them halfway through get an even colouring.

Quarter the orange (don’t peel) and give a bit of a squeeze over the pot, and add. Add the  cinnamon quill, cloves, the wine, three tablespoons of sugar, and a cup or so of water (enough to mostly cover the pears).

Simmer away on a medium low heat for about 15 minutes, or until the pears are soft when pricked with a spoon. You want them to have the softness of tinned fruit, while still holding their shape and texture. Don’t forget to rotate the pears as you go, if necessary, to give them and even colouring.

Once cooked, remove the pears and keep about 1 cup and a half worth of liquid. Return that liquid to the heat and reduce to a syrup, you want it to have the consistency of warm honey.

One thing I love about these pears is their versatility. You can serve them warm or cold, with the syrup and ice cream, or once cooled use them to top pies or even sweet breads like my Lazy Blueberry Bread.

Whatever the weather, I hope you enjoy, xx



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