Semi-Sweet Semi-Finals

My submission was a triple-layered rose water and vanilla bean sponge, with buttercream and homemade fondant flowers 

Over the last few months I have been pouring my heart into an application for a scholarship for the Cordon Bleu London. I spent weeks baking and icing and taste-testing and photographing, and by some magical stroke of luck I made it to the semi-finals.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.24.36 pm

Getting to the airport with city-wide transport blocks, meant I ran through the whole of Charles de Gaulle with an hugely over-stuffed bag on my shoulders and tested the limits of my non-existent cardio, made my gate five minutes before closing time and only cried a little. So maybe I should look at joining the army, because those workouts I do once every three months really paid off.

Unfortunately, I did not win the scholarship. But I did learn so much in the process. Like, making a pièce montée in a shoe-box sized oven means getting up at 6am; all those hours as a child playing with plasticine means fondant flowers are more fun than I expected, and that my friends are wonderfully supportive in eating all my bakes.

I thought I’d post my submission photos, because although I didn’t win it feels wonderful to get as far as I did, and it’s really reminded me why I want to do cake for a living. And I did get to spend an amazing weekend in London, Facetiming my parents through the chaos and touristy fun.

So, here’s to the next cake-fuelled adventure. xx





Pièce Montée –  choux puffs with crème anglais, dipped in caramel, with raspberries  and spun sugar




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