Fais de beaux rêves


Since I started this adventure, bed has been a profoundly important place for me. In Germany, when I got a bedroom in a flat share, I bought sheets so that even if everything else was chaotic I could creep between them and forget about it. I did it like the Germans do, buying two single sized blankets for a double bed.

In Canada I found the only white sheets in camp so I could cover up my sleeping bag, which always felt of sand no matter how many times I washed it.

Last year I bought a big winter blanket, and felt very grown up about it. It’s a full size too big for my bed, and heaven to sink into. I bought a cover in white and cream to hide the red doona cover I was given as an au pair – I can’t bare having colours in my bed while I sleep, I always figured I had too many colours in my head as it was.

And then now, after nearly four years down the rabbit hole, I moved my sheets and big blanket into my new apartment, in the heart of the city I’d always dreamt of and already feel entirely at home. I can’t believe my luck.


Sweet dreams. xx




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