More than I ever expected, food has become my life. It’s the way I show people I love them, what I do when I’m celebrating – or stressed. It’s my creative outlet, my pleasure, and at times, when I’ve burnt myself on caramel in a tiny Parisian kitchen, my pain.

Kate Down the Rabbit Hole started when I was living in a little city in east Germany. That post-communist, beautiful and strange city was a world apart from what I knew, and frankly I’d arrived somewhat by accident. I started the blog as somewhere I could write about what I was doing, the food I was making and, petit à petit, it became a project I was fabulously attached to.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last few years adventuring through different jobs and countries, learning about everything I could get my hands on, from Canadian coffee, to German kartoffel and duck confit. Throughout that adventure I’ve challenged racoons, wiped bottoms, scrubbed floors and jumped in the Seine. None of which was entirely expected, but all of which became part of a wonderfully unexpected adventure.

It’s now my dream to become a Pâtissière, because what could be more magical than building a life around something so sweet?


Nom nom nom

If you want to see a portfolio of my print and online writing clips, or if you’d like to get in touch email me at:


Fun fact, all the images are photos I’ve taken myself, unless stated or linked to.




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